Gambling with crypto currencies: is it possible?

You certainly can! We see it more and more. Online casinos where you can use crypto coins to deposit your play credit and have it paid out again. It goes fast and fairly anonymous. You see online casinos that have added these payment methods to the already existing payment methods. Traditionally, you’ll find credit cards and bank transfers.

Availability of payment methods at online casinos

The availability of payment methods depends on the country of origin. In the Netherlands we are very used to Ideal and a bank transfer is already is bit old fashioned. If you look at foreign online casinos, you’ll see many e-wallets. The most well-known are perhaps Neteller, Skrill and Paypal. This is a personal choice for each online casino visitor. It also depends on whether you have to pay a fee for depositing or withdrawing money. We are very curious if some of these payment methods will be accepted and allowed in the Netherlands.

Payment methods and casino bonuses

You see online casinos that use a certain payment method to lure visitors to a certain casino bonus. In the Netherlands this is not allowed and therefore you will not see it. For foreign online casinos this does happen sometimes.

What is a crypto casino?

You can best describe a crypto casino as an online casino where you can only play with certain crypto coins. The online casinos themselves are ‘normal’ online casinos with similar game offerings and casino bonuses as other online casinos. The difference lies in the fact that everything is related to the crypto currencies.

Are crypto casinos reliable?

Yes, most of them are. This also applies to the ‘normal’ online casinos. Again, you should look carefully at the license, the bonus conditions and reviews on various sites. If there are many complaints and you don’t trust it, don’t play there. The funny thing is that at crypto casinos you can trade anonymously. The online casinos don’t need to know who you are. In terms of privacy, of course, very special. Depositing and withdrawing crypto coins is very fast. You will receive everything very quickly in your wallet. From the following casinos we know you can gamble reliably with crypto coins:


With which crypto currencies can you gamble?

There are many crypto currencies, but not all of them can be used in online casinos. The most common ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tether, TRON and Dash. In the Netherlands, it is still forbidden to use crypto coins.

Author: Lance Armstrong